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@2019 by Cross Church

We all have questions about faith, God, Jesus, religion, life and more. Starting March 17th we will address some specific questions during this series as well as others you might have.


A list of specific topics: 

Week 1: Is There A God? 

Week 2: Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering

Week 3: Does Prayer Really Work?

Week 4: Is Jesus Really God? 

Week 5: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

Week 6: Is the Bible Reliable?

Week 7: What Makes Christianity Unique?

Week 8: What Happens When I Die? 

To preview these topics and answers, take a look at the videos provided below.  


Do you have more questions? 

Send us a message through our website or on social media @crosschurchdenton.

Pastor Vincent will answer them every Friday on Facebook